Anza Lions Hillbilly Festival!

Nov. 18. 2017

Here's what happened..

Mutton Bust'n

Pie Eating

Goat / Bull Bingo

Potato Cannon

Mud Tug O War

Greased Flag Pole Riches

  • I wanna be a hillbilly3:01

Anza Lions Hillbilly Festival

Does not happen without our sponsors. 

A HUGE Hillbilly thanks goes out to...

CeCe Hotchkiss and her entire family for both sponsoring and volunteering at both the 2016 and 2017 Hillbilly Festivals.

Russel Kitchen for his sponsorship, volunteering and overall dedication to our town welfare.

Dans Feed and Seed for their generousity in sponsorship.

Our Vendors!

and many more soon to be listed here.