Anza Lions Club

The Anza Days Theme is

Paranormal Anza

The initial Anza Days planning meeting was a great success in that many people from the town came together to discuss plans and cooperative efforts.   It was great to see our community and old friends working together on this annual project. 

If you're interested in participating with the Anza Days planning come to the Lions club meeting on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7PM at the VFW.

A word on the voting results:

The voting was very exciting this year and it was a close race.   Towards the end of the month it came to our attention that as many as 6 people were attempting to fix the results by voting many times.   It has taken some time to remove the duplicates from the totals to keep this voting fair.  Which is why the numbers for Spirit of America came in a bit lower than showed earlier.

Also this year we had some voters who wrote in to switch votes from Spirit of America to Paranormal Anza and although this is unusual it was allowed as long as they had just one vote.

This vote is opened up to the town at the direction of the Lions Club President in the hopes that everyone will act in good faith and to give all a fair voice in the Anza Days Parade theme.

    Thank you to all who fairly participated.. you have spoken and we heard you.

Anza Days 2018 - Get Your Vote In Today!

 Each year since about 1932 Anza has held this annual event.   Legend has it that it started as a way to support the local volunteer fire station and new truck.   Regardless the tradition has lived on and it's always different each year with classic cars, floats, horses, tractors, etc coming down the street in the parade.

Since 1976 the local Anza Lions Club has kept this proud tradition alive and in 2006 the other organizations were invited to own various parts of Anza Days.  The Chamber of Commerce arranges entertainment in the park, the ACIL arranges the vendor booths the Community Hall holds the Friday night dinner, and the Thimble Club provides the Saturday breakfast. 

The Anza Lions take great pride in continuing the towns Anza Days Parade!

The parade always starts at 11 o'clock with as much fan faire as we can muster.   It's a great family day brought to you by the many volunteers and good hearted people of our small town.