The Anza Lions Club has existed in our town since 1976 and since that time is among those few consistently working organizations responsible for continuing our time honored traditions.      When you look around Anza at the Community Hall, Gymkhana Field, the Park and Schoolhouse, Museum and other icons of our village you're looking at much of the handy work of Lions past and present.    Along with the Thimble Club, the Anza Lions have maintained our country ways for decades and provide neighborly assistance whenever and where ever needed.    Anza has grown in recent years and there are many new organizations who have stepped up to keep our country ways alive and make them even better.    

The Anza Lions which was started by the local cowboys here in town is still here to lead the way.    In recent years we have opened the club up to all men and women who wish to work together for the betterment of our community.     When you come to a Lions event know that any money you spend goes right back into helping someone in our very own town by providing glasses, hearing aids, medical equipment, tragedy relief, emergency animal sheltering, and the list goes on and on.      If you have an idea of how you'd like to make our town better, feel free to click the button below and become one of us.    You'll have the backing of your club for any worthy community efforts and you'll have the fun that comes with working with the great and generous cowboys and cowgirls who make up the Anza Lions Club.

Anza Lions Website Contact:

Lion Roland Vellanoweth

(951) 662-9166