The Anza Lions maintain the Minor  Gymkhana Field and this facility is used for many puposes in service to ours and surrounding communities.    One such purpose is in the case of emergencies.  The field is used for as an emergency evauation site for animals and people as well as a fire department and emergency helicopter operational site.   

In case of emergency:

Contact one of the following; 

Lion Roland Vellanoweth - Gymkhana Chairman   (951) 662-9166

Lion Jeff Hawthorne - Gymkhana Facilities Chairman (951) 852-5017

Lion Mimi Brown - Anza Lions Club President (760) 637-9173

The field, arena, and stalls remain unlocked for use in emergencies however other facilities such as bathrooms, water, etc. will require one of the above contacts.   

In an emergency get your animals to the safety of the field and then call one of us when time permits to insure the additional services are activated.

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      1. Plenty of room for emergency camping
      2. Bathrooms
      3. Water
      4. 12 Large animal stalls.
      5. Large regulation arena with lighting in which larger animals can be kept as a group.
      6. Emergency supplies
      7. Easily accessible from a paved road
      8. Close to town services