Anza Days Sunday After Party Volunteers

HCR Jeff & Donna Walls

Roland Vellanoweth

Michele Brown

Tom Diaz

Don Stephens

Charlotte Grant - Dunk Tank

Russell Kitchen  - Provided Pool

Gernerous People and Businesses Behind the Scenes

High County Journal - Advertising

KOYT Radio's Erinne Roscoe - PSA's

James Lanik - Donated all of the  port-a-pottys for this event

Lion Jeff Hawthorne - Donated countless hours fixing everything we needed.

Marty & Mardi Ann Izzi for volunteering to help get the bandstand to the park and with the Lions booth.

ACIL President Debbi Vessey for her banner work among the many other things listed above.

ACIL Bud Elmore for acquiring a sound system and the park beautification

Volunteers Lesli, Emma (Miss Anza Days) Henning and her dad for their creative help.

VFW Mike Mrsny - Provided Ice

Circle - K - Donated water and condiments

S&K Grading - Prep dirt lot next to the park

Cityreach Anza Church - Passing out free water and popcorn

Kathy Blair

The Official Master of Ceremony for the Anza Days Parade. Assisted by

Lorraine Elmore, Robin Santillan & Bentley Hunt

Donate to next year's Anza Days here


Made and donated delicious pies for the auction for the local charities and non-profits

San Diego Salute Flight Team

John Flippen

Mike Reirdon

Dan Mintz

Provided a fantastic air show!

Kids Of Anza

Russell Kitchen  - Post Anza Days - Anza Summer Nights Water slide, Redneck Pool and Horseshoe games.  Provided the shuttle van.

Anza Lions Club

Anza Days Chairperson - Lions President Mimi (Michele) Brown

 Parade Organizer - Lion Vice President Roland Vellanoweth

Parade Launcher

Lion German Garate

Parade Judges

Kathy Vellanoweth

Michele Brown

Miss Anza Days Emma Henning

Cityreach Anza Church

In addition to manning blockades.  Cleaned up along parade route

Lucy Robinson

Tom Thrapp

Liz Nagy

Larry Keizel

Ann & Dan Gilmore & kids

Jon Runnfeldt

Robert and Christian Strawhecker

Michelle Padron

Scott Schulz

Anza Chamber of Commerce

Provided the Park entertainment,

Bands: Cowboy Bang Bang, Nameless, and Barnyard Boys!

Anza Days Grand Marshal

Mara Rose Costo

Thimble Club

A delicious Anza Days breakfast and one of our generous financial supporters.

Anza Days Blockade People

The parade is NOT possible wthout these unsung heroes who often must miss the parade to keep us all safe.  These include members of the Anza Citizens Patrol, Idywild Citizens Patrol, Anza Outreach Church (formerly Valley Gospel)

Phil Canady - Chamber Board. - Blockade Leader along with City Reach Anza Church (formerly Valley Gospel) and Anza Baptist Church members listed here are the few that

Larry Kezeil     
John Youngs    
Birdie & John Kopp       
Debbie Spikerman          
Zeb & Verissa King              
Jeff Cohen         
Mah Nevills    

Judi Milim  

Reuben M.

Ira Chompsky

Bob Edwards

Gisela Stearns

Clinton Adams

Steve (sorry didn't get the last name)

A Very Special Thank You For The Flyover!

It's my opinion that a parade needs a center piece... you know... like a military fly over.   In 2007 that came to pass with the help of the very first Anza Days Committee comprised of the many community minded organizations in town.  Back in 2007 Sgt. Maj. Brian Vaughn and Bruce Yoho (VFW) both worked many details with the Marine Corp to make that happen.    It took a lot of calls and it did happen for the first and for what I thought may be the last time due to the monumental effort it required.  

Now in 2018 Anza Days had an amazing areal display thanks to the tireless efforts of 1 person with many financial supporters.   Lion President Michele "Mimi" Brown (Anza Days Chairman) who never seems to run out of enthusiasm to better our town stepped up to the plate with Spartan-like grit to see that we get a special flyover treat.   I think the entire town owes her and those who provided the funds a word of thanks when you see them for this special memory they created this year. 

When she first told me that all of her efforts with the military were resulting in never-ending paperwork and ultimately a flyover came with a price tag of $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 I figured we were up against long odds.   Little did I know that she was working another angle to thrill the crowds and she contacted some WWII bomber plane owners who would allow rides the whole weekend, and once again was disappointed due to circumstances beyond her control.  She kept trying and finally received a call back from our flyover flight leader John who could provide vintage military planes, T-34's.  The cost was within our reach and she immediately said yes, let's do it!  She then proceeded to advertise that a flyover was coming for the parade and kept getting questions from the Anza Days Committee wanting to know, "What kind? Who? How many?" but she kept silent on the details.  Thanks to Mimi we were promised 2 planes for sure with the possibility of 4 depending upon if the other two had completed maintenance in time. So what did you see up there? Three T-34's from the 1950's, Air Force and Navy fighter pilot trainers. The yellow Navy T-34 was flown by flight leader John Flippen, (his last name very fitting with the aerobatics he was doing up there). The other two T-34's, for the Navy and Air Force were flown by pilots Mike Reirdon and Dan Mintz. They are part of the San Diego Salute Flight Team and are terrific talented people who made our parade a hit.

So if you see these special peple in town please give them a HUGE thank you as they went beyond the call of duty with time and donations to provide some truly speical memories for us all.: Mimi (Michele) Brown, Grand Marshal Mara Costo, Barnyard Boyz, Anza Valley Lions Club, Anza Civic Improvement League, Anza Thimble Club, Boys and Girls Club, and VFW Post 1873. 

"... a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people."  - Maya Angelou

Anza Lions Club Vice President Roland R. Vellanoweth


ACIL President - Debbi Vessey

Board Members: Phil Canaday, Bud Elmore

Post Anza Days Park repair, Coordinated Park Vendors and Activities, donated free flags

Anza Citizens Patrol Special Note

Annie Ashby - Anza Citizens Patrol who not only worked our blockade with fellow members but also coordinated with Idywild Citizens Patrol to provide additional coverage.  Annie additionally returned the favor to the ICP by working their parade blockades and thereby served at this duty much longer than anyone expected.   Thank you Annie Ashby and the Citizens Patrol.

TizzleVidz was kind enough to post a YouTube video of the parade.   I hope you don't mind us sharing your work with everyong Mr. TizzleVidz.

Camp Kuchler

Walt Kuchler - Early AM setup assistance

VFW Post 1873

Provided our Colorguard and kicked off the Parade in style.

Community Hall

Friday night dinner sponsored by the Anza Electric Co-op.

Miss Anza Days Contest

Judges: CC Hotchkiss, Michele Brown, Debbi Vessey

Mayor Henry

C.E.O. CC Hotchkiss - Bell Ringer and Assited Kathy Blair by stopping parade entries from passing too quickly. Donate the Miss Anza Days Tiaras

Anza Lions Club