Anza Lions Club

To Those New to Anza Welcome!

It's always great to see the new faces and have you join our family at the field.  The Gymkhana is an opportunity for you to train horse and rider as well as enjoy our country atmosphere.

Come up to the announcers booth and introduce yourselves during the event.

Helpful tips to our riders:   Want to win a buckle?

1) Stay in the same division throughout the season.   We realize that you may have a birthday mid-season or that you switch from Lead Line to another division such as Pee Wee however your points are accumulated against the competitors in your division and to be fare to all concerned those points do not transfer if you switch divisions mid-season.  

2) If you are competing for the High Point buckle it definitely pays to make it to each gymkhana.  It's not the fastest rider who wins but the most consistent in participating.

Got a question?  Ask the Gymkhana Chairman.

MrRescuedue posted one of our Gymkhana riders on YouTube!  I hope he doesn't mind me showing you his work... this is how it's done.

2020 Gymkhana


 April 4th - Practice - CANCELLED

 May 2nd - CANCELLED

 June 6th - Season Opener 9 AM Sign Ups, 10 AM start *

 July 11th - 3 PM Sign Ups, 4 PM start

 August 1st - 3 PM Sign Ups, 4 PM start

 September - 5th  - 3 PM Sign Ups, 4 PM start

 October - 3rd  - 3PM Sign Ups, 4PM PM start - HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!

 November - 7th -  Season Closer 8 AM Sign Ups, 9 AM start

 High Point Events:  Key Hole, Pole Bending, Barrel Racing

 Divisions:  Lead Line, Pee Wee (ages 1-7), Int. Jr. (8-12), Juniors (13-17), Seniors (18-39), Old Timers (40 -?)

 Prices: $3.00 per event

JUNE 6 TIME UPDATED due to possibility of curfew later in the day.

Win the Buckle!

Here's how to find us. Click on the map (View Larger Map) link to get directions to the field!

What's it all about?

 Gymkhana is a yearly event here on the hill.   Horse people of all skill levels and ages come together to socialize their horses, donkeys and mules and to hone their riding skills.  

This is a place for the entire family to spend the day with great riding, great food and lots of friends to see.  


Entrance is free and the food is family priced so come on down!

    Gymkhana Chairman

Lion Roland Vellanoweth

(951) 662-9166