Got a question?  Ask the Gymkhana Chairman.

MrRescuedue posted one of our Gymkhana riders on YouTube!  I hope he doesn't mind me showing you his work... this is how it's done.

2017 Gymkhana


May 6th - Season Opener 8AM Sign Ups, 9 AM start

 June 3rd - 3 PM Sign Ups, 4 PM start

 July 8th - 3 PM Sign Ups, 4 PM start

 August 5th - 3 PM Sign Ups, 4 PM start

 September 2nd  - 3 PM Sign Ups, 4 PM start

 October7th  - 8 AM Sign Ups, 9 AM start

 November 4th - 8 AM Sign Ups, 9 AM start (Buckles!) - See you in May 2018!


 Key Hole, Pole Bending, Barrel Racing


 Lead Line, Pee Wee (ages 1-7), Int. Jr. (8-12), Juniors (13-17), Seniors (18-39), Old Timers (40 -?), Large Equine (any age).

 Prices: $3.00 per event

What's it all about?

 Gymkhana is a yearly event here on the hill.   Horse people of all skill levels and ages come together to socialize their horses, donkeys and mules and to hone their riding skills.  

Classes are: Lead Line, Pee Wee, Intermediate Juniors, Juniors, Seniors, Old Timers, and Large Equine (Draft & Mules)!   

This is a place for the entire family to spend the day with great riding, great food and lots of friends to see.    Entrance is free and the food is family priced so come on down!

    Gymkhana Chairman

Lion Roland Vellanoweth

(951) 662-9166