Anza Lions Club

Introducing the Honorable Deputy Mayor Marshall - Owner Steve Silkotch 

A statement from Deputy Mayor Marshall Siklotch.  I Wish to thank all of you who came out to support. The competition was tough but for a great cause.  [😃]

Some of the other pictures from past election days. 

BIG THANKS go out to everyone who participated and congratulations to our 2020 Mayor -  Bentley!

Anza Lions Mayor Contest Has Found Our New Mayor for the Year 2020 !

We have a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor!

Introducing the Honorable Mayor Bentley Krieger

Owner Marty "Bulldog" Krieger

Bentley is a 7 year old English Bulldog.  Bentley was a rescue due to his dominant traits although he never indulged in violence unless you're a pork chop.  Bentley's official statement follows:

As the new Mayor of Anza I stand with the Constitution and can only be bought by well cooked bacon.  I will do anything to promote love and understanding of all the two legged animals in my charge.  

Anza is my Home