Anza Lions Club

Introducing the Honorable Deputy Mayor Zane Grey - Owner Kathy Firth 

Read Deputy Mayor Zane Grey's Bio as written by Anza's own Tom Firth right here

A celebrity seen on the 2018 Rose Parade!

Term of Offices

December 03, 2017 - December 31, 2018

Some of the other pictures from the election day.  All contributed to the Anza Fire Departments Christmas Toy drive and raised about $1500 for our community!  

BIG THANKS go out to everyone who participated and congratulations to Mayor Henry!

Anza Lions Mayor Contest Has Found Our New Mayor for the Year!

Fundraiser & Toy Drive

We have a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor!

Introducing the Honorable Mayor Henry Hotchkiss Henry is a 4 year old black ChiXChinese Crested born in Anza.  CC Hotchkiss rescued Henry who was in a sad state and she nursed him back to health.  Through hard work and loving hands Henry was saved.   Henry is an example of the good that can come out of bad.  Like all of us who struggle one way or another, Henry proves that it doesnt matter how you came into this world... you can survive.  Henry represents the spirit of never giving up and unconditional love.    A great little representative of our town. Contact the Mayor here!