Anza Lions Club

Anza Lions Club's Anza Days 2019 Parade Trophy Winners:

Grand Prize Float Lorraine's Pet Supply
Best Float Thimble Club
President's Float KOYT
Grand Prize Equine Bobbie & Scooter Harris
Best Equine Cathy Haun Firth & Mayor Zane Grey
President's Equine Kathy Blair & Phantom Girl, Robyn Santillan & Skeeter, and Mark Pankau & the 4 wheeled mule
Best Vehicle The Carlson Family
Best Antique/Classic Vehicle Happy Coffee Team
Most Unique Vehicle Valley Center Firefighter's Association
Best Musical Entry Hamilton High School Band
Most Unique Entry High Country Equestrian Group
Judge's Choice Award Girl Scout Troop #1805

How About Those Planes!

Some history for those new to Anza.

In 2007 Anza Days enjoyed it's very first military flyby provided by the Marine Corp. thanks to the efforts of the Bruce Yoho (VFW), Sgt. Maj. Brian Vaugh (USMC), and then Lions Club President Roland Vellanoweth.    Since that time and until 2018 our Anza Days skies were quiet.


It takes a lot of planning, phone calls and coordination efforts to get a flyby for a parade and in 2018 Lion President and Anza Days Committee Chairman Mimi Brown pulled it off!   Then to top it off she did it even bigger this year for the 2019 Anza Days event.   Contacting friends from a private flight club who own WWII era planes we've been priviledged with some fantastic areal shows!  

We have enjoyed these shows due to the efforts of one special person Lion President Mimi Brown.   When you see her in town take the opportunity to say thank you for all she does for our community.  

Miss Anza Days 2019
Left to right back row: Miss Anza Days Emma Hennings, Tabitha Dawes, Lorraine Elmore, Mrs. Anza Days GeriLynn Mellin, and Teen Miss Anza Days Sedona Dawes-Vollmer.  Front row: Lil and JR Miss Anza Days Winners: Marcy Budrovic, Cali Harmening, River Benson, and Arabella Daniels, Pictured separately is Wee Miss Anza Days, Kaylena Todd.

Lil Miss Anza Days winner Marcy Budrovic is a returning winner to our annual contest. She attends Anza Valley Christian School, loves to dance, and dances every Sunday at her church. This is her 3rd Anza Days and is winner of Lil Miss Anza Days.  JR Miss Anza Days winner Cali Harmening's favorite color is pink. Learning is the best part of school. Funniest thing to do is swim in her Aunt's pool. She wants to be a firefighter when she grows up because it saves people.
Lil Miss Anza Days winner River Benson loves school and on her free time enjoys archery and ballet. She is the only girl in her family of four brothers! She someday hopes to be a doctor to help everyone.   JR Miss Anza Days winner Arabella Daniels' favorite color is pink. The best part about school is playing with her friends. The funniest thing to do is go to the beach. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher because it helps people get smart.

This contest has changed throughout the years and even stopped for a time. At one point it was changed from a pageant to a contest for who could raise the most money for their community. Both previous versions were only open to girls of high school age. Four years ago Lions Mimi & CC asked the then Lions President & Anza Days Chairman if they could bring it back to a pageant and run it, which was received with a huge yes. They brought it back to a pageant and opened it up to girls of all ages, newborn to adult and added other categories for winners. Last year due to adults who ran for the Miss Anza Days category a brand new category, Mrs. Anza Days was born. This year's participation and attendance by the community was a huge success and a tradition the Anza Lions Club takes great pride in carrying on for many more years to come!

The Official Anza Days Website

Anza Days 2019

First some history for those new to Anza.

 Each year since about 1932 Anza has held this annual event.   Legend has it that it started as a way to support the local volunteer fire station and new truck.   Regardless the tradition has lived on and it's always different each year with classic cars, floats, horses, tractors, etc coming down the street in the parade.

Since 1976 the local Anza Lions Club & Thimble Club has kept this proud tradition alive for our town single handedly.  Then in 2006 the Anza Lions Club President invited the other organizations in town to own various parts of Anza Days.  The Chamber of Commerce arranges entertainment in the park and the ACIL arranges the vendor booths.   Historically the Anza Lions has hosted the Friday dinner dance for the benefit of the Community Hall until 2015 when the Hall took that duty over.    The Thimble Club provides the Saturday breakfast.  The Anza Lions Club arranges the parade as well as has the responsibility of chairing the Anza Days over all event.

The Anza Lions Club takes great pride in continuing the responsibility for the Anza Days Festivities!

  It's a great family day brought to you by the many volunteers and good hearted people of our small town.

A Word From Our Lions Club President and Anza Days Chairman

Anza Lions Club has been proud to Chair this annual event since 1976. It was originally started as a way to raise funds for our volunteer fire department. Anza Lions Club took on the responsibility of holding this annual event in 1976. Some years it has been a one day event, others a two day, and others a three day.

This year was once again a three day event. Starting off on Friday night with the annual dinner and dance and the newly added Friday night movie. Saturday kicks off with the Thimble Club's annual breakfast where dignitaries and the Grand Marshal eat for free, followed by the parade and ending the day with festivities in the park.

Sunday has changed through the years and in recent years has been a Thank You BBQ for all of the volunteers to eat free, along with anyone wishing to join in the family fun with water games, vendors, and family time at the Lions Club.

About 15years ago, then Lions President & Anza Days Chairman asked the other organizations in town to get involved and The Chamber of Commerce took over the entertainment in the park, the ACIL took over the vendors in the park, and the VFW took over the color guard, and the students submitted an Anza Days theme essay. Since the Thimble Club has been around for over 100 years and this was only our 87th year we suspect the Thimble Club has always provided the annual breakfast since the very start.

All the Anza Days festivities are due to the countless efforts behind the scenes.  Many hours and many volunteers from the core group of organizers put together Anza Days for our community. While the Anza Lions Club President Chairs this annual event it would not be possible without the help of the Anza Thimble Club, The Chamber of Commerce, the ACIL, the VFW, City Reach Anza, Anza's & Idyllwild's Citizen's Patrol, Anza Film Fest, many barricade volunteers and all of our donors.

Thank you's:
First and foremost thank you to all of our military men and women and all of our veterans, for without your sacrifices celebrating our Independence and Freedom would not be possible!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who manned the barricades. Each and every year they sacrifice enjoying the parade to keep the children and adults of our community safe. Philip Canaday for chairing this crucial task and for picking up and returning all of our materials, we thank you!

Sisters of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Claira Durham & Julianna Gaughan, John Crook, Birdie Kopp, Lou & Annamarie Padula, Michael Vollan, June Ventuleth, Ruben Montanez, Frank P., Bob, Tracy Sampson, Anza Citizen's Patrol, Idyllwild Citizen's Patrol, the Explorers & CHP.
Our Military flyover John Flippen, Mike Reirdon,John Warwick, & Ryan Sahali,.

VFW Post 1873's Color Guard, Commander Henry Sokol, Mike Mrsny and Lenton Garrison.
Our bell ringer, Smokey Bear.
Our Grand Marshal Ted Wellman.
All of our dignitaries, our firefighters! Who put their lives on the line each and every day to save ours, we thank you!

Our sound system provider John Knori.
Our announcer & National Anthem singer Kathy Blair and her helpers Robyn Santillan and Mark Pankau.
Lions CC Hotchkiss, Roland Vellanoweth, German Garate, Don Stephens, Thomas Diaz, Lesli Sebastian, Cheri Lansizera Jeff Hawthorne, Marge Kohler, Marty Izzi, Robert Pritchard, & Bentley Hunt. Volunteers Larry & Starr Linder.
Parade Judges Lions Mimi Brown, Lion Roland Vellanoweth, and Miss Anza Days Emma Hennings.

All of our parade entries and all of their hard work they put into their creations.  (see the list above for their names)
Sheriff Captain Leonard Purvis.

City Reach Anza for handing out water along the parade route and clean up.
All of the vendors in the park and ACIL for organizing and hosting. Special thank you to Charles Cadwell, Philip Canaday, and Debbie Vesey.

The Chamber of Commerce for donating the funds for the Barnyard Boyz following the parade. John Knori and Russel Kitchen for donating the funds for the second band, San Diego Brass and Electric. And John Knori for helping to find and book them.
For Friday evening's festivities thank you to Steve Silkotch and Nameless for donating their talents for the dance in the park, we appreciate all you do for our community!
Anza Film Fest's Annika Knoppel for donating the movie, Monty Python's Flying Circus.
Danny Stone for donating his time and talent for his famous tri tip dinner for the Community Hall's dinner.
VFW Post 1873's volunteer cooks and servers for their wonderful dinner.

Sunday's Thank You BBQ Lions Vice President Roland Vellanoweth, Don Stephens & Thomas Diaz, The Anza Thimble Club's auction, helpers and attendees, Santa Rosa Reservation, High Country Journal, and all who attended and helped out, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Miss Anza Days Contest entries and winners, all of their parents and attendees, Miss Anza Days contest coordinators: Lion CC Hotchkiss, Judges: Lion Mimi Brown, Lion Cheri Lanzisera, Lion Lesli Sebastian thank you!

Advertising, High Country Journal, KOYT Radio and banners Debbie Vesey,

Donors, Anza Electric Cooperative, The Chamber of Commerce, Larry & Starr Linder, Anza Lions Club, Anza Thimble Club, John Knori, and Russell Kitchen.
Planning committee thank you's to Lion Vice President Roland Vellanoweth, Lions CC Hotchkiss, Cheri Lanzisera, Marge Kohler, Lesli Sebastian, JR Hull, Bentley Hunt, Don Stephens,Thomas Diaz, and Brian. ACIL's President Charles Cadwell, Vice President Philip Canaday, and Secretary Debbie Vesey. Anza Thimble Club's Laurie Knight & Annie Ashby. VFW Post 1873's Commander Henry Sokol and wife Randy Sokol. Anza Citizen's Patrol's Annie Ashby. City Reach Anza's Philip Canaday. Chamber of Commerce's Philip Canaday and Robyn Garrison. Anza Film Fest's Annika Knoppel. And Barnyard Boyz' John Knori.

Hope everyone enjoyed our 87th Annual Anza Lions Club's Anza Days! We are already working hard on things in store for next year and some things have already been booked. Thank you for the countless hours each and every volunteer who helped make this happen put into making this a huge success! Working together we accomplished a great event! I know it was difficult at times with the handful of negativity we faced, but y'all stuck it out and hung in there and it showed. I, and the Lions Club appreciate all of your hard work, dedication, and support! Thank you! 

Anza Lions Club President Mimi Brown

The Next Anza Days Theme

It's been a long standing tradition here in Anza that the Anza Lions Club President is also the Anza Days Chairman and as such they select the Anza Days theme by any method they choose.  

In the past we've had high school essay winners pick the theme, Miss Anza Days picked it one year and this year the Anza Lions President has decided to allow those who participate in the parade itself vote for the theme for the next year.   This all means that we now know our theme for next year!

The Anza Days 2019 Theme was Mardi Gras!

The Anza Days 2020 Theme Will Be...

...Myths, Legends & Fantasy!

Some ideas for decorations are: 

Myths, Legends & Fantasy (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Cyclopse, Atlantis, The Lady of the Lake, Guinevere, Morgana, Merlin, Faeries, Dragons, Pegasus, Unicorns, Medusa, Hercules, Mermaids, Poseidon, Athena, Leprechans, Gnomes, Trolls, The Sword in the Stone, Gargoyles, Griffons, Cenatuar, The Man in the Moon, The Lochness Monster, Phoenix, Giants, the Headless Horseman, Apollo, Sirens, Banshees, Pandora's Box, etc.)

Be creative, have fun, and we look forward to your creations for next year! And for those asking, of course there's nothing stopping anyone from incorporating red, white and blue into the theme, we actually encourage it!