Anza Lions Club
  • Rodney Bourgeois - The ONLY well guy we call
  • Turkey Shoot: Lion Jeff Hawthorne - Turkey Shoot  Chairman (Outgoing) / Karleen Esparza (Incoming)
    • Lion Lorne Larsen - Turkey Shoot Co-Chairman
      • Lion Marty Izzi - Turkey Shoot Co-Chairman
      • Thanks go out to all Turkey Shoot participants and spectators who support this fundraiser throughout the season.
  • Gymkhana: Lion Roland Vellanoweth - Gymkhana Chairman
    • Lion Michele Brown - Gymkhana Co-Chairman
    • Our Gymkhana Volunteers without whom this event does not happen... Lion Jeff Hawthorne, Lion Marty & Mardi Ann Izzi, Lion CC Hotchkiss, Lion Michelle Trist, Lion Scott Wallace, Lion Thomas Diaz, Lion Cheri Lanzisera, Laurie Stanton, Tom & Dianne Parr, Carey & Jackie Lewis, Lion Leslie Sebastian. 
  • The Los Caballos Riders who provided our Gymkhana Color Guard  & Sponsored the Lions / Los Caballos Trail Event.
    • Thanks also to our participants and spectators who come out and support this vital fundraiser.
    • Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors who finance our fun in this fundraiser all season.
  • Thanks to all Lions and volunteers and vendors who participated in the Farmers Market.
  • Thank you to the talented artist Sacha Hope who brings expertise, color and life to our Paint & Sip fundraisers and all who come out to enjoy some wine while courting their inner artist.   These funds go towards keeping the Cottonwood Art program for the kids running.
  • Hillbilly Festival thanks go to  Chairman Lion Michele Brown, Co-Chairman Lion CC Hotchkiss & Lion Roland Vellanoweth.  Lion Jeff Hawthorne, Lion Marty Izzi, Chilli Cook Off Chairman Lion Don Stephens, Lion Tom Diaz, Volunteers: Maria Weitleff, Johnny Anderson, Chris Anderson, Russel Kitchen, Susie Rodriguez, 4-H Leaders and Kids,
    • Sponsors and Donors - CC Hotchkiss, Multiple Vendors, High Country Journal, The Kids of Anza Organization, Once Upon a Thread Thrift Store, Rosatis Pizza, Roland Vellanoweth, Michele Brown, Thomas Firth, Sacha Hope, Larry & Starr Linder
  • Anza Days Chairman Lion Michele Brown, Co-Chairman Lion Roland Vellanoweth, Lions volunteers, Thomas Diaz,  Marty Izzi, Jeff Hawthorne, Cheri Lanzisera.  Scott Fluke
  • Thanks to High Country Journal:  Andrea and Art Gomez for always publishing all last minute submissions and changes for all of our events.
  • Thanks to our own KOYT radio for doing a wonderful job with all of our PSA's.
  • Paintball Season: Lions: Michele Brown, Roland Vellanoweth, Tom Diaz, Don Stephens
    • Volunteers: Adam & Wendy DeCosta, and Ethan (he never gave us his last name but he left us a silver paintball to remember him by), and thanks to the warriors who came out to have a blast.
  • Wheel Chair Ramp Build thanks to Lions Jeff Hawthorne, Marty Izzi, German Garate, Roland Vellanoweth, Michele Brown
    • Volunteer David Quinionez
  • Many thanks to our local AA chapter who spends quite of bit of their own time and treasure in helping us keep up the field.
  • Thanks go out to our esteemed Thimble Club ladies who continuously support us in our events.
  • Special Thanks to our friends Larry & Starr Linder who always come out and support our Lions events and provide many donations towards helping our community.
  • Finally a well deserved thank you to our own Lion Jeff Hawthorne who tirelessly maintains our field and volunteers at every opportunity towards helping our town.
  • Thank you to all who donate medical equipment to the Lions medical equipment exchange.  Many of these donations are made anonymously and also a special thanks to Lake Riverside Estates for many very generous donations.

If you want to know who some real local heroes are here are some.  Many thanks to our sponsors, donors and volunteers. The Lions are able to provide some good down-home family entertainment and community relief.   Your generosity towards our fundraisers go a long way towards helping our town.

This is a list of thank yous based on my memory however if I forgot someone don't take it personal and let me know.  :-)